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Here at CrossFit Amped, our program delivers a fitness that is, by design, broad, general, and inclusive. Our fitness program is designed for universal scalability making it the perfect application for any committed individual regardless of experience.

Not only are our coaches CrossFit certified and experienced in training, but they are avid CrossFitters themselves. They are dedicated trainers who want their clients to become faster, stronger, and better functioning athletes. 

At CrossFit Amped, we make sure that CrossFit is fun and non-intimidating. We are here to foster a community that supports and pushes each other. Our program focuses on all ten components of optimal physical fitness: Endurance, Stamina, Strength, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Coordination, Agility and Accuracy. It is never the same and never boring!

Amped Shoreline Coaching Staff

Aaron Hyatt | Coach & Manager

I grew up in New Orleans where I attended St. Martin's Episcopal School. Here i was a three sport athlete, lettering all four years and earning multiple All-District and All-State honors in Football, Soccer and Track. I went on to play Soccer for four years at Millsaps College in Jackson, Mississippi. After I graduated in 2010 I stayed with the school and worked with the soccer team as a Strength and Conditioning Coach. I began my career as a trainer and coach when I moved back to New Orleans in December of 2010 where I started doing CrossFit. Now I hold my L1 and L2 certifications and want to continue to influence people with the same challenges and success that I have seen with adding CrossFit to my life! Coach Aaron lives with his wife and two dogs and hopes to continue his training passion by implementing the CrossFit method to improve Strength and Conditioning with High School kids and Collegiate athletes.

John Onyon | Coach

CrossFit Amped - John Onyon

Through CrossFit I was able to lose a fair amount of weight. I lost about 60 pounds in 5 1/2 months by doing 100% strict Paleo and two WODs a day. I was also in high school, so I had time to do that. My philosophy has always been that you want to stick to technique. You need good technique before you start putting weight on the bar. Keep you from hurting yourselves, increase longevity, keep you guys out of the nursing home.

Josie D'Aquanno | Coach

I was lucky to be born and raised in beautiful Monterey, CA. I grew up hiking and playing softball throughout high school. After high school, I took several years off from doing any type of exercise, until I started working at a running store in Carmel, CA. With the encouragement and help of my coworkers I started running and participating in local 5 and 10k races. In 2010 I competed in my first half marathon. I continued to participate in these events for the next three years, and in 2012 I had the crazy idea of running in The Big Sur International Marathon. In 2012 I did a little workout at a local box, CrossFit Monterey, called "Fran". It was extremely challenging, but I fell in love with it. In 2015 I decided to take the plunge get my CF-L1 and coach. Coaching CrossFit has easily become the most rewarding work I have ever done. I love seeing every one of my athletes grow stronger, mentally and physically, every time they walk into the gym.

Neno Bartocci | Coach

After serving in the US Army for 8 years, Neno found his true calling in sports medicine and athletic performance. Since leaving the military and starting on this journey, Neno has been an ongoing and enthusiastic student of human movement and its endless potential for unthinkable things. He has trained, coached, and mentored at many levels of competition to include high school, NCAA DI, DII, and DIII. With his athletic training background, Neno is familiar with varying forms of therapeutic exercises, modalities, and techniques which help guide him in his coaching of sound fundamental movement. Neno has continued to broaden his scope and is always down for learning new training techniques that can help his clients achieve their goals. He is always honing his craft and believes in staying on the cutting edge of best practices in performance and fitness.

Christina Bednarczyk | Coach

I did not grow up playing sports or participating in anything remotely athletic. In college I decided I needed to do some type of workout so I would use the elliptical or treadmill for 30 minutes but it was something I felt required to do. This continued until 2012 when I discovered a boot camp style workout in Tacoma. It was basically CrossFit without the barbells. I was hooked and wondered when I would ever be able to do a pull-up, push-up or double-unders!

After a couple of years, I moved to Shoreline and decided I was ready to find a CrossFit gym. Yes, I love the workouts I do at Amped, and the progress I’ve made since I started, but mostly I love the people. If I have had a bad day, there’s nowhere else I’d rather go. In 2017, I decided the logical next step was to get my L-1 so I could officially help others learn how amazing CrossFit is and find a home away from home at Amped

Raj Gurung | Coach

Borned and raised in Singapore, I have always been active person - softball, baseball, swimming, soccer, track & field, etc. Coming to the USA in 2005 introduced me to the traditional gym atmosphere but as years progressed, it became more of a chore.I wanted and needed something different.

Around 2014 was when i first heard about crossfit. After my first class, I was intrigued but was little scared of it as it seemed intimidating. But i decided to just try it out anyways and i have not stopped ever since. I participate in a number of CrossFit competitions and olympic weightlifting meets when i can. I also stay hungry to work out more to increase my numbers and my capacity.

I still continue to participate outside CrossFit and stay active, playing a lot of recreational sports when i can and outdoor adventures whenever possible. What i love the most of my crossfit journey has been making new friends and suffering through the pain together, seeing the numbers from when i first started to now, and lastly that i have not stopped doing it.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: WOD stands for “Workout of the Day.” Each day the workout will be completely different than the day before. Before you start the WOD, your coach will go over all of the movements and discuss the way the workout will work- For Time, AMRAP (As Many Rounds as Possible), etc. 

A: If you’re new to CrossFit its a good idea to start off small and grow as your body gets used to the workload. It also depends on your fitness level, but its always better not to bite off more than you can chew! 

A: Always bring a comfortable pair of sneakers (the flatter the better), a water bottle, and a towel if you’d like. Comfortable clothing that you can move around in freely is advised. Other than that, a good attitude and willingness to try something new and challenging. 

A: The recommended weight is anything that you can control with good form and feel comfortable using. The prescription for the day is simply a challenge set by the coach but is by no means a requirement. 

A: “Big” is obviously relative, but a massive growth in muscle requires more work than just starting a new exercise routine. Your body will certainly change, but nothing drastic. All physical changes take time with the human body and its easy to pick up on it and alter anything that is proving to be unfavorable. Coaches at Amped can help you with any goals you have towards body composition. 

A: If you’ve never done CrossFit you can expect a format of training that you probably have never done before. Some days are longer, some are shorter. Some are heavy, and some are light. Its always different. Constants at Amped are an encouraging environment, supportive family and challenging workout! Those who have never done CrossFit are usually required to take our beginner class to help them learn how to do the movements that we use weekly. An individual may “test out” if they have a strong weight lifting background but must be approved by one of our coaches first.  

A: Depending on your abilities you can “test out” with a coach to determine one’s cognition and application of the movements we do in CrossFit classes.

A: Depending on the injury and your doctor’s recommendation it is almost always possible to exercise while injured. Our coaches are experts at modifying workouts and catering them to someones personal needs. At Amped there is a large amount of space and equipment providing an opportunity for all individuals, regardless of injury or drawback, to perform the workout of the day. 

A: Children are always welcome at Amped. We have an area for children to play, watch movies, play XBOX Kinect or sit and read. We also have a discount program with AKP (Adventure Kids Playcare) on the adjacent corner of our city block. Many parents use their services during their hour long workout. 

A: If you are a guest at Amped you might as well get used to being part of the family!  If you come in and try CrossFit, you’re one of us. If you CrossFit elsewhere but drop in, you’re one of us. That’s just how it is as Amped. We thrive on energy and always love newcomers, so don’t be shy!

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