Set a Goal and Achieve It


We all want to see results, but we are generally impatient and want them as fast as possible. The truth is, if you do EVERYTHING right, they can come pretty quickly. That means eating well and adequate time for rest and recovery. If you already dialed in one or two of these, the third should be pretty easy. If not, let’s start with just one and go from there.


This can be so easy to change yet people make it out to be this horrible and flavorless endeavor. If that’s you, I bet you can’t cook or do not have enough experience cooking different things. To help examine your eating habits, take three days out of your week and write down everything you consume including snacks and liquid. Try to use two weekdays and one weekend day. Examine your food thoroughly. Is there a lot of sugar? Processed food? Grains or starch? Dairy? How much fruit? How much caffeine? These are extremely important questions. If there is an abundance of these things, then the best way to change your eating habits to help lose unwanted weight or feeling discomfort from eating, slowly start to remove these foods from your intake. If you chose one or two at a time it will be much easier than trying to quit all of your habits cold turkey. If you try to fix everything at once, you’ll drive yourself crazy, get upset and then bail on the program. So for now, ditch the cookies and ice cream at night….  and replace them with a handful of berries. Instead of cereal in the morning, try a few eggs and some almonds. Baby steps people!


If you’re a member at CrossFit Amped then we’ve got you covered in this area. Our WODs are designed specifically to challenge your body with strength practice, aerobic work and functional body movements with weight added when necessary. The randomness of the workouts is what makes them so effective. Your body will never have time to adjust to just one modality, which in turn stimulates a constant need for adaptation. If you’re not doing CrossFit then my suggestion is to structure a few days in your week for strength training and some high intensity interval work with running or rowing. These two methods coupled together are highly effective in burning fat and sustaining lean strong muscle. Either way, taxing your body with fitness of ANY sort will induce change in your body composition. The more effort, the more change…capiche?

Sleepy time!

Last, but certainly not least, we have got to get you chilling the heck out! When you leave work, LEAVE WORK! Stop taking emails from clients, don’t stress about the stock market because Microsoft went down 20 points. Is your office carpeted? Take a nap during the day if you must. Put the kids down early, watch the news or read your book and crash hard! You deserve the rest if you’ve earned it. Our bodies are not primed for stress and we handle it terribly. If you feel tired, don’t fight it, embrace it and give your body what it needs. Man I wish we had siestas during the middle of our days. Take time to rest and relax or else your body, and more importantly your general well being, will never change!

Long term……

Choose one of these and make a concerted effort to change them if they are lacking in your current lifestyle. In addition to these, give yourself a challenge like trying to lose 10lbs by your friend’s wedding, or run a 5k in under 25 minutes. It could even be as small as getting your first strict pull-up. Something tangible is always the best way to gauge your success and be sure to reward yourself for your achievements. If you need help thinking of a goal, come to us and we’ll help you think of one. Everyone can always strive to be better, and when it happens, the feeling is euphoric.

Time to make those goals!

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