CrossFit Amped

seattle, WA

Schedule is subject to change. Please contact us for holiday hours.

Class Descriptions

All classes are open to members with either 2x Per Week, 3x Per Week or Unlimited Monthly memberships without pre-registering. 

Our CrossFit 101 program is a comprehensive, one 3-week long series of classes that will prepare you to freely participate in any of the other classes offered at CrossFit Amped. You will learn the basic, fundamental movements of CrossFit in a small group environment—anyone, of any fitness level are welcome!

This program is designed to expose newcomers to our movement curriculum in a progressive manner. Each class will teach and review proper form and technique in various skills while gradually introducing intensity. There are two options for the 101 Course: Group 101 – on a set schedule. And Private 101 – on a customized schedule.

The class structure and programming at CrossFit Amped is among the best in the Northwest.  We have the largest variety of equipment in the Bellevue area and we love to use it all!   Our members find that the constantly varied style of workouts provides them the randomness they seek never leaving them bored in the gym and always hungry for more! Our coaches are highly skilled in breaking down every movement no matter what your ability level.  Every week you will experience a multitude of gymnastic, endurance and weightlifting movements all catered to each persons skill level with the goal of  always completing each workout, improving  skill level and most of all gaining confidence.  The environment and camaraderie in the CrossFit class is second to none and we promise that you’ll walk away having made new friends and feeling better about yourself.  The CrossFit class is the perfect solution to your workout needs and the spiritual growth you’ll get from pushing yourself beyond your limits will help you find the physical potential that you never knew you had!

Heavy lifters and iron giants unite!  This class is dedicated to lifting weight. Whether you’re seeking strength gains, technique improvement or power, this class covers it all.  Amped BBC has a heavy emphasis on the Snatch and Clean and Jerk with major supplemental programming using the power lifts and strict pulls and pushes for accessory muscle strength.  This class is two hours long and covers many different lifts in the class time frame; however you are not forced to staying the entire time. We do ask that you show up for the beginning though to hear instruction and make warm up. This class is extremely popular for all members and has been called (by some members) the “iron heartbeat” of the gym.