No matter who you are, we have a membership that fits your ability. When growing as one of our members you will find your own special benefits to the experience, rewards for your hard work and accomplishments and confidence in life! Meet one of our members below who has transformed their life because of CrossFit Amped.

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2x Per WEek

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  • Up To Two Classes Per Week
  • Month to Month Rates
  • Automatic Billing
  • First Responder & Military Discount

3x Per WEek

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  • Up To Three Classes Per Week
  • Month to Month Rates
  • Automatic Billing
  • First Responder & Military Discount


crossfit classes
  • Attend Unlimited Classes
  • Month to Month Rates
  • Automatic Billing
  • First Responder & Military Discount
Best Value

Drop In Rate: $20

CrossFit Amped is the ONLY CrossFit gym in the downtown area of Bellevue Washington! We love to be the go to workout space for all vacationers. The Hyatt is right next door and as well as many other Hotels/Motels in the surrounding area. We are walking distance from all of these so leave your bags in the room, bring your water bottle and come join our family for a great vacation workout! Our Drop-in Rate is $20. You may also buy a t-shirt or any other swag in lieu of the fee.


"Come for the workout and stay for the people."

"I came to this place seeking help to gain weight and overcome depression after being diagnosed with Crohn´s disease. During my first class, I lifted only the wooden training sticks... Yes, I was that weak! It has been over 2 months since I have been coming here for weight lifting class and the journey has been amazing. I am feeling stronger mentally and physically. Come for the workout and stay for the people. Get amped!"

- Joze R.

"I can't say enough about their willingness to help."

"I was pretty skeptical of the whole CrossFit thing when I first started, but I'm so glad I gave it a chance! Right off the bat, The CrossFit 101 course helped ease my concerns, and it's been awesome ever since. Rob and Jonathan have helped take my fitness to a whole new level and continue to help me get further. I can't say enough about their willingness to help or the care they take in the folks at the gym."

- Seth E.

"They can take you to the next step, physically and mentally."

"I dropped in to CrossFit Amped while traveling for business and I was blown away by my experience. Great culture, great atmosphere and a hard-working group of people. This will be my go-to place when I come back to Bellevue in the future. Thanks to Robert and the members for making me feel welcome my first time in the gym!"

- Justin G.

Getting Started

Many people come to a gym looking for change. Some people come to lose weight. Other’s come to bulk up. And sometimes it’s just a matter of changing your body composition, or simply staying active. The amazing thing about CrossFit is that it really can satisfy all those needs.
Maybe that sounds too good to be true. Maybe you’ve been jaded by other programs in the past. Let me be the one to tell you that CrossFit isn’t another fad. There are no false claims. There is no promise of an easy path with overnight results. CrossFit is really, really hard work. But CrossFit can be the change you’re looking for.

All CrossFit workouts can be scaled, modified, reduced, or increased to suit the needs of almost any person going after any goal, regardless of injury, 

disability, age, or other physical limitation. Want to lose weight? CrossFit can get you there. Looking to bulk? CrossFit can do that too. Want to get fit but not bulky? Again, all workouts can be adjusted to help you achieve your individual fitness goals, whatever they may be.
In our gym, you will work with a trainer who cares. You’ll be surrounded by people with similar goals, who are working to better themselves just like you. Together, we strive to maintain and improve upon an environment of positivity, encouragement and accountability.
We hope that you’ll take the opportunity to check us out, and take steps towards reaching your own fitness goals and changing your life for the better.
CrossFit Amped - Robert Sax

Robert Sax

crossfit amped owner

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