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At Amped, we guarantee a membership suited to your ability level. When growing as one of our members you will find your own special benefits to the experience, rewards for your hard work and accomplishments and confidence in life!

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Flexible class times

At CrossFit Amped, we understand that life is busy! That’s why we offer flexible class times to work around your schedule. Whether it’s early morning or late evening, we’ve got a class time that suites almost anybody. Learn more about our class times on our Schedule Page.

In town visiting? Get Amped.

CrossFit Amped is the ONLY CrossFit gym in the downtown area of Bellevue Washington!

We love to be the go to workout space for all vacationers. The Hyatt is right next door and as well as many other Hotels/Motels in the surrounding area. We are walking distance from all of these so leave your bags in the room, bring your water bottle and come join our family for a great vacation workout!

Our Drop-in Rate is $20. You may also buy a t-shirt or any other swag in lieu of the fee.

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