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I started training with Coach Rob just over 4 years ago. I was 30 pounds lighter and couldn’t do 2 pull-ups in a row.  Rob has always inspired me to work hard, and been patient enough to teach me skills I never dreamed I would be able to do, like double-unders (they took a while) and Olympic lifts. This year I finally got 50 pull-ups unbroken, and recently completed a 50-hour mental and physical training camp. I am now in the best shape of my life, and look forward to the next Crossfit challenge every day of the week. Our whole family goes to Crossfit Amped together … even our dog, who is named after a crossfitter. - Ian S.

Going to Amped 3 to 5 times a week has now become my new habit. I have an awesome workout in under an hour, am surrounded by like-minded individuals who want to improve their physical fitness levels, and continue to learn each day. There is a competitive edge to the Amped program; it exists on a team and individual level. I continually look to improve my own skills, and also marvel at other athletes who demonstrate remarkable speed and strength. I may never be the fastest or strongest at this point in my life, but if I can keep pace with those half my age I know I’m doing something right! - Bruce G.

Q: What is a WOD? 

A: A WOD stands for "Workout of the Day." Each day the workout will be completely different than the day before. Every night, Rob will post the next days WOD here. Before you start the WOD, your coach will go over all of the movements and discuss the way the workout will work- For Time, AMRAP (As Many Rounds as Possible), etc. 

Q: If I'm new, how many times should I come in?

A: If you're new to CrossFit its a good idea to start off small and grow as your body gets used to the workload. It also depends on your fitness level, but its always better not to bite off more than you can chew! 

Q: What should I bring when I come workout?

A: Always bring a comfortable pair of sneakers (the flatter the better), a water bottle, and a towel if you'd like. Comfortable clothing that you can move around in freely is advised. Other than that, a good attitude and willingness to try something new and challenging. 

Q: What if I can't do the recommended weight?

A: The recommended weight is anything that you can control with good form and feel comfortable using. The prescription for the day is simply a challenge set by the coach but is by no means a requirement. 

Q: Will I get big if I start doing CrossFit?

A: Get big?  Certainly not. Big is obviously relative, but a massive growth in muscle requires more work than just starting a new exercise routine. Your body will certainly change, but nothing drastic. All physical changes take time with the human body and its easy to pick up on it and alter anything that is proving to be unfavorable. Coaches at Amped can help you with any goals you have towards body composition. 

Q: I've never done CrossFit before, what should I expect? Do I need to take a special class?

A: If you've never done CrossFit you can expect a format of training that you probably have never done before. Some days are longer, some are shorter. Some are heavy, and some are light. Its always different. Constants at Amped are an encouraging environment, supportive family and challenging workout! Those who have never done CrossFit are usually required to take our beginner class to help them learn how to do the movements that we use weekly. An individual may "test out" if they have a strong weight lifting background but must be approved by one of our coaches first.  

Q: I've done CrossFit-like workouts and come from a background of working out- do I need any training before trying CF?

A: Depending on your abilities you can "test out" with a coach to determine one's cognition and application of the movements we do in CrossFit classes. 

Q: If I have an injury, can I still do CrossFit?

A: Depending on the injury and your doctor's recommendation it is almost always possible to exercise while injured. Our coaches are experts at modifying workouts and catering them to someones personal needs. At Amped there is a large amount of space and equipment providing an opportunity for all individuals, regardless of injury or drawback, to perform the workout of the day. 

Q: What can I do to workout if I'm traveling?

A: If you are traveling you can still workout!  There are CrossFit gyms in every state in the USA and in countries all over the world. Drop Ins are common with many gyms and sometimes only cost a minimal daily fee.  We also have a long list of travel WODS that can be found on the blog

Q: Do you allow kids at Amped?

A: Children are always welcome at Amped. We have an area for children to play, watch movies, play XBOX Kinect or sit and read. We also have a discount program with AKP (Adventure Kids Playcare) on the adjacent corner of our city block. Many parents use their services during their hour long workout. 

Q: What is your guest policy?

A: If you are a guest at Amped you might as well get used to being part of the family!  If you come in and try CrossFit, you're one of us. If you CrossFit elsewhere but drop in, you're one of us. That's just how it is as Amped. We thrive on energy and always love newcomers, so don't be shy!