Meet the CrossFit Amped Shoreline Team


Robert Sax, Head Coach and Owner


I'm from Portland, Maine- born and raised. Went to Springfield College in Western Massachusets and got my Bachelors in Science in Exercise Science and have my CrossFit Level One, CrossFit Football, and CrossFit Kids Certification. I moved up to Seattle right after I graduated because I heard that it was a great place to live and two years later, I own a CrossFit gym and am a part of the greatest community of people that I could ever possibly imagine.

I love CrossFit workouts. They're much better and different than anything I've ever done before. Having constantly varied workouts means never getting used to doing the same thing over and over. And having a group of people that always push and encourage you to do new things is by far better than any workout or exercise program that I've been a part of. I've played sports my whole life and CrossFit has made me a better athlete, even now, in my later years. If I had it earlier in my life, I would have been twice the athlete.


John Onyon, Coach

Through CrossFit I was able to lose a fair amount of weight. I lost about 60 pounds in 5 1/2 months by doing 100% strict Paleo and two WODs a day. I was also in high school, so I had time to do that.

My philosophy has always been that you want to stick to technique. You need good technique before you start putting weight on the bar. Keep you from hurting yourselves, increase longevity, keep you guys out of the nursing home. 

Eric Showman, Coach

I was born in Cincinnati Ohio, where I grew up playing multiple sports including Cross Country and Wrestling. I graduated from Xavier University with a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and a commission as an Infantry Officer in the U.S. Army. My first experience with crossfit-style programming was at the Audie Murphy Gym on Fort Benning, Georgia, where I also attended my Basic Officer Courses. I carried my love for fitness and competition up to Fort Richardson, Alaska where I was stationed until leaving the Army in 2014. Since I already had my Crossfit Level 1 certification I began coaching immediately. Having already spent several summers in the Seattle area, I moved there in 2016 with hopes of pursuing a career in the fitness industry there and soon thereafter began coaching at Crossfit Amped, Shoreline.

I approach coaching with the simple philosophy that everyone should be at the gym for themselves and no one else with the single goal of becoming a healthier, happier person. Things like a broader range of motion, better balance, stronger muscles, and faster nerves can improve one’s daily experiences and I enjoy helping others achieve all of these things and more. 

Julie Anton, Coach

I grew up in Alabama playing all the usual sports like hog chasing and snake wrangling. I tore my ACL during preseason training for soccer in my freshman year of college. After that, doing sports things was hard. Years of inactivity and beer took it's toll and after getting winded going up 6 stairs at my work, I decided to make a change. I got my personal training certification and started an internship at a globo gym. The head trainer told me about this thing called "CrossFit". I looked online and found a video called "Jolie beats Sevan" and I watched Jolie Gentry beat the brakes off this dude in a thruster/pull-up workout. I was instantly hooked. I went to my first class and thought I was dying so naturally I kept going back. I got my Level 1 Certification in July of 2009 and I've been drinking the kool-aid ever since.

I enjoy carrying every single bag of groceries in one trip, out-squatting grown ass men, and eating all the foods. I actually love burpees and thrusters and if you come to my class you'll probably laugh a lot and cry a little.