Three simple ways to get started

1. Free introductory workout

Give CrossFit a try. YOU WILL LOVE IT! Your first workout is free. No need to call or reserve a spot. Come with a friend or group of friends! Our members bring their friends all the time. You'll workout with our community. The workout scales to all fitness levels. Our coaches will guide you through the workout to ensure your safety and comfort. Stick around after your workout is done and interact with the members and coaches. We pride ourselves on the community we have grown here at Amped and want you to be a part of it. 

Soak it all up! We want you to feel comfortable in our home as it could be yours soon too! 

2. Group Fundamentals Program

CrossFit 101 classes are held during the week Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 6:30pm with every class lasting an hour as well as on the weekends Saturday and Sunday 9am-10am.                     Each class will consist of a warm-up, skill introduction and practice, and a workout designed to accommodate each individual’s ability level. Fitness nutrition will also be addressed. At Amped we ask that you miss no more than 3 classes during the CrossFit 101 process in order to ensure that you are safe and fully prepared to enter our regular class environment!

CrossFit 101 is designed to make your CrossFit experience more approachable, manageable, and fun! CrossFit 101 classes or private sessions are required in order to join regularly scheduled classes!

Price: $200

3. Private Fundamentals Program

In the event that CrossFit 101 is full, you would prefer a personalized CrossFit 101 program, you want to expedite the CrossFit 101 process, or it simply doesn’t fit with your schedule                     —don’t worry!

At CrossFit Amped we offer a one-on-one sessions, personalized to your schedule. Private CrossFit 101 consists of 8 classes. All of the same material will be covered, just at a different pace.

Price: $300





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